Introducing the Orquesta Salsa Cinco 25

The beginning of Orquesta Salsa Cinco 25

Orquesta Salsa Cinco 25 was born in September 2009 as a Luis Gustavo initiative, his conguero, after a conversation with the writer Harry Suárez.

Harry was inspired by Luis´ military expriences to compose the first song of the band “Somos Salsa Cinco 25“. This song has been played by different radio stations around the world as Puerto Rico, Colombia, Honduras, Peru, Hawaii…

Some of the original songs by Salsa Cinco 25 are:

Somos Salsa Cinco 25.

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Composer – Harry Suarez

Arrangement – Javier Quintero


Trumpets – Angie Machado

Trombone – Cesar Ayala

Sax tenor /flauta – Miguel Hernández

Piano – José Meléndez

Base – Efraín Hernández

Conga – Luis Gustavo

Bongo – Miguel Goles Hernández

Drums – Ramón Figueroa

Vocalist – William Pagan

Chorus – Charlie Aponte, Luis Falcon, José Díaz

– Luna de Miel.

– Homenaje a la salsa tradicional.

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Composer – Harry Suarez

Arrangement -Carlos García


Trompetas – Angie Machado

Trombone – Antonio Toñito Vázquez

Sax tenor /flauta – Bennie Marin

Piano – José Meléndez

Base – Efraín Hernández

Conga – Carlos Navarro

Bongo – Celso Clemente

Drums – Ramón Figueroa

Vocalist – William Pagan

Chorus – William Pagan, Luis Falcon, Carlos García

– Hija llorar no quiero verte (composiciones de Harry Suaréz).

– El Sui Sui.

– Las cosas cambiaron ya (composiciones de William Pagan).

– Mi Salsa Sensacional.

– Salsa para descansar (composiciones de Luis Vázquez).

– La Colombianita (composición Javier Quintero).

– El Fin (composición Jose Torres).

These songs have been arranged by:

– Javier Quintero (creador del sonido de la orquesta).

– Luis Perico Ortiz.

– Tommy Villariny.

– Carlos García.

The sound and concept behind Orquesta Salsa Cinco 25

The Salsa Cinco 25 sound is defined by a specific sound composed by:

– Two trumpets.

– A tenor sax.

– A trombone.

– A piano

– A base.

– Complete percussion.

– Three vocalists.

Luis Gustavo developed the band concept while he was in the military service.

In the sound of the band it is possible to appreciate the influence of the salsa from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

The names of the big salsa bands as El Gran Combo, Luis Perico Ortiz, Bobby Valentín, Willie Rosario, La Fania All Stars… have influenced Salsa Cinco 25. But the band has found its own sound, creating a unique and different sound between the salsa bands called “the new generation”.

The target of Salsa Cinco 25 are the demanding salsa dancers who knows well the salsa music. Specially those who know the salsa gorda or traditional. That kind of salsa which does not use much mixes but keeping an eye in the future.

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